Our Recruitment Process

Our Recruitment Process

We are committed to our service to others in all that we do. Above all, our commitment to quality governs everything we do. Working consistently, using a proven methodology, allows us to provide exceptional service in a timely manner.

Each step in our process is geared toward providing our clients with the highest possible standard of service. We work with each client to determine the level of service and deliverables needed, as well as the timing of those deliverables, ensuring complete accountability for all involved.

Depending on the service level agreement, our adaptable search approach can include the following seven phases:

  • Opportunity Statement Development- In concert with the search committee and relevant stakeholders, we develop a detailed “Opportunity Statement” representing our joint understanding of experience, knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics defining the successful candidates, the benchmark criteria against which to quantitatively evaluate the candidates and the narrative that will attract qualified candidates to your company.
  • Search Strategy, Identification and Targeting- In concert with our client, we develop a comprehensive search plan.  Next, we identify and target candidates who meet position specifications. This process leverages a variety of resources and methodologies such as direct recruitment from competitor companies, deep referral networks and professional referrals.
  • Interview- Once identified, we conduct interviews in-person or by teleconference to further qualify the candidacy of these individuals. Before we present a candidate to you, we have already interviewed the candidate for appropriate technical background, accomplishments, soft skills, goals/objectives, logistics and interest in your opportunity which ensures you devote your time only to successful, well qualified and interested candidates.
  • Candidate Presentation- Each qualified candidate will be introduced with a detailed report summarizing professional experiences, compensation guidance, our personal interview, rationale for recommendation and completed bench-marking program.
  • Validation- For each prospective short list candidate we can thoroughly check professional references, conduct a credit, education and criminal background check and/or pre-employment drug screen.  We can also deploy various behavioral profiling tools. Based on your acceptance of the candidate short-list, we will assist in scheduling interviews, debrief with short list candidates and guide the screening process to conclusion.
  • Manage Compensation Discussion- Once the selection process is complete, we will assist you in determining the specific compensation package necessary to attract your candidate of choice. We will field all benefits and compensation related questions and will present your offer of employment to the successfully selected individual. We will then professionally disengage all other short-listed candidates.
  • Follow Up- we will counsel and assist the candidate through the resignation period and follow up after the candidate commences work.


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