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The distribution, supply chain & logistics sector continues to advance innovation, efficiencies and effectiveness. Due to uncertainty surrounding the fate of global trade, coupled with paradigm shifting technological advances, we anticipate significant changes in global supply chains and how goods are moved and delivered. Expertise in distribution, supply chain & logistics is becoming increasingly critical to the success of all organizations moving goods domestically and globally.

With the current administration’s pro-economic growth agenda, there has been an increase in optimism among both investors and Private Equity firms that focus on the distribution, supply chain & logistics sector. Most are in agreement that there will be no shortage of deals in the coming year. According to a poll recently conducted by a leading business research firm, nearly three-quarters of fund managers characterized the investment environment as favorable, which represents a 15 percentage point increase from managers polled last year.

Private Equity’s first choice for the best Distribution, Supply Chain & Logistics Talent

Arris Partners has built a reputation for its deep experience and successful track record of recruiting executives and high-level professionals for clients that are in distribution, supply chain & logistics Private Equity portfolio companies. We know our clients need the finest human capital available in addition to a recruiting firm that is well-attuned to the ever-urgent pace of the Private Equity industry. Arris Partners understands the importance of alignment between investor and portfolio company, but also has inside access to the type of leaders and professionals required to set and achieve the aggressive goals necessary to secure a successful portfolio company exit.

Beyond placing several CFOs, our recent placements in the industry include everyone from c-level executives, presidents, vice presidents and directors to project management officers, buyers and more.

As the distribution, supply chain & logistics sector continues to evolve, maintaining innovation will be dependent upon having exceptional people in critical positions. Our team specializes in delivering top talent who specialize in transformational improvements in business and who have the personal characteristics needed to thrive in the PE world. Our team of recruiting experts are constantly building our network of connections, including key leaders and innovators who set the tone of the industry.

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Recent Placements

Chief Human Resources Officer

Vice President of Procurement

Vice President of Sales

Vice President of Supply Chain

Director of Distribution & Logistics

Director of Sales North America

Director of Sales

Project Management Officer

Senior Manager, GDP & PMO

Value Stream Planning Manager

ERP Administrator

Marketing Manager

Senior Buyer

General Manager