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Why Transformational Improvements are Vital to Private Equity Success

Today’s PE portfolio companies are facing an unprecedented level of disruption. In the face of this complexity and volatility, leaders must be able to drive transformation at portfolio companies when it comes to strategy, operating model, organization, people and processes. But creating and executing a successful transformation, which can take years to implement, requires establishing […]


Like Amazon, Here’s Why Every Day is Day 1 in Private Equity

In his recent “Letter to Shareholders”, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos illustrated what he calls his “Day 1” philosophy, a mentality and approach to doing business that came about in the very beginning of Amazon’s existence. The idea, simply put, is that the company should always be feeding off the energy and momentum being a newer […]


Curiosity Killed the Cat but is Required in Private Equity

In the world of private equity, business moves at breakneck speed, market conditions are constantly shifting and surprises are the norm. This is why PE companies must seek out talented individuals who are both naturally inclined to see the bigger picture and have the intellectual curiosity necessary to not only know which questions to ask, […]