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Arris Partners supports Private Equity portfolio companies hiring transformational improvement leaders.

Talent for Transformational Improvements

Private equity recruiting is a core area of expertise for the Arris Partners team. We specialize in presenting exceptionally talented executives and professionals who have been successful in these environments, and who appreciate the commitment and drive that is required to thrive in them. Over the years, the Arris Partners private equity recruiters have successfully partnered with many market-leading clients of all sizes in the selection and recruitment of top talent from around the nation. Our private equity executive search and recruitment process is specifically designed to allow us to identify, recruit, vet, and present fully-qualified candidates who thrive in these portfolio companies.

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years of recruiting experience including for private equity portfolio companies.

placements across the country including at private equity portfolio companies.

total years of team industry experience working within private equity portfolio companies.

Our private equity recruiters have years of experience, allowing us to present you the best leaders and professionals who are critical to your private equity portfolio company growth.  Contact us to discuss your executive and professional leadership needs and how we can assist you in driving your organization toward greater success.

Practice Leaders

Brian McMerty, MBA

Managing Partner


(919) 424-1592

Kevin Coggins

Practice Leader

Jonathan Woodham

Practice Manager



Recent Placements


Chief Human Resources Officer

VP of Operations

Vice President of Supply Chain

Vice President of Sales

Director of Engineering & Operations

Director of Sales North America

Director of Distribution

Director of Transportation

Director of Capital Projects

Director of Transportation

Human Resources Leader

General Manager

Operations Controller

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