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What’s New In Ag-Biotech in RTP?

Did you know that behind the scenes, there are people working tirelessly to bring more ag-biotech companies to NC? Brian and Carson attended the Ag Bio and Economic Development panel at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center and came back with much to say. The theme of the night seemed to be that, although the community […]


3 Other Uses For Metal Foam That Aren’t Armor

Metal foam spent some time trending on the internet last month for a very cool reason. Scientists and engineers created a foam armor that not only stops bullets, but pulverizes them. Not only does it stop armor-piercing bullets, it also creates such a small indent from the bullet’s impact that it beats out the other […]


The Simple Yet Powerful Retention Tactic that Won’t Cost Your Company a Dime

In today’s work culture where paternity leave, free snacks and on-site daycare have become more common, formulating the right package of perks and benefits for your employees can be difficult. Glassdoor research indicates 57 percent of people place benefits and office perks at the top of their list when considering a new role. However, research […]