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Why Transformational Improvements are Vital to Private Equity Success

Today’s PE portfolio companies are facing an unprecedented level of disruption. In the face of this complexity and volatility, leaders must be able to drive transformation at portfolio companies when it comes to strategy, operating model, organization, people and processes. But creating and executing a successful transformation, which can take years to implement, requires establishing […]


Making Your Interview Process More Valuable

Many candidates can interview well – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right for you and your team. There are ways that you can improve your company’s interview process to get a better sense of whether or not a candidate will be the right fit for a particular role in your company, as well […]


Thinking of Making the Jump to Private Equity? Here’s What it Takes to Be Successful

At Arris Partners, one of our main areas of focus is partnering with Private Equity Portfolio companies to build their businesses by developing and executing well thought-out talent acquisition strategies. For many professionals, landing a job at a PE portfolio company is the “elusive brass ring,” but they should know this is one industry that’s […]