Candidate FAQs

Candidate FAQs

Do you charge a fee?

No. Our fees are fully paid by our client companies.

Do you place candidates anywhere in the country?

Yes. We have placed candidates in most areas of the country for companies domiciled in the US and abroad.

Do your clients provide sponsorship for an H-1 Visa?

It varies. Some client companies provide this sponsorship, but not all. Please check with your Arris Partners search consultant.

How long will it take me to find a job?

It varies. High-level, permanent positions often have longer hiring cycles of 12 weeks or more.

Each client has a different timetable, depending on their sense of urgency. Some clients need to replace an employee who has left or who is leaving and are willing to move very quickly to do this. Other clients may be hiring for a project that does not start for some time; they may take more time interviewing and screening potential candidates.

How will we stay in touch?

We have found that most people prefer telephone correspondence. We realize that telephone conversations may be difficult for you at times, so each Arris Partners search consultant can also correspond with you via e-mail.

How often will I hear from you?

Once you begin the search process, you can expect to hear from your Arris Partners search consultant as opportunities become available. We also encourage you to review our website periodically.

What are people with my background making?

As you might imagine, there is no simple answer to this question. Market value is largely determined by area of the country, years of experience, depth of experience, educational history, and varies by company and industry. Resources such as can help you determine ball park estimates for your profession and years of experience. Moreover, check with any trade associations or interest groups relevant to your profession. Many of these groups perform annual compensation studies.

How will an offer be made?

This varies with each company. Typically, an offer will be presented to you verbally by your Arris Partners search consultant. Other times, the employer will desire to present the offer directly to you. For permanent positions, once you accept the verbal offer, a written offer letter is generally sent to you via mail.

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