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The Animal Health industry affects billions of people worldwide. The strong and direct connection between healthy animals and healthy people cannot be ignored. Additionally, meeting the future food needs of a rapidly growing global population will require the cost-effective production of safe, high-quality animal protein. However, due to natural resource constraints, such as scarcity of arable land, fresh water and increased competition for cultivated land, farmers and livestock producers will need to invest in driving innovation to meet the productivity imperative.

A wholesome and sustainable global food supply driven by healthy livestock will play a critical role in making the world’s population healthy and nourished in the future. Essential to achieving this is the research, development and eventual use of products that prevent diseases, treat sick animals and control disease outbreaks. In the midst of this, producers and providers of these products must have the expertise and integrity to work responsibly within strict government guidelines and regulations. It remains to be seen who will lead the Animal Health industry to future success, but we at Arris Partners know one thing to be true for certain: recruiting and on-boarding exceptional human capital talent will be vital to all organizations involved in this pursuit.

Attract and retain the type of influential talent your business needs to continue to drive innovation

Arris Partners has over a decade of experience in recruiting elite-level talent for leading animal health and agricultural organizations. We are a recruiting firm that is well-attuned to the talent ecosystem that surrounds both Agri-Business and the niche growth area of Animal Health. Whether your company is privately owned, publicly owned or a Private Equity portfolio company, our agricultural and animal health recruiters at Arris Partners can help you identify, attract and retain the type of influential talent the Animal Health industry needs to continue to drive innovation in your company.

From Research & Testing (biotech & chemistry) to Regulatory, Sales, and Supply Chain, our team of animal health recruiters specialize in helping Agri-Business and Animal Health companies hire and onboard highly specialized talent. Our animal health recruitment specialists leverage a combination of current industry knowledge, industry expertise and widespread networks of connections to provide an efficient, value-based and in-depth search process. When it comes to talent in the Animal Health industry, we understand that the future success of the industry will affect all of mankind and, in order to meet the food production needs of a growing population, the talent your company chooses to invest in will be critical.

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