Board Services

Since our firm’s inception in 2000, we have observed a disconnect between seasoned executives who would be valuable board members, and the investors and executives leading Boards who seek talented Non-Executive Directors.

We often speak with talented senior executives who are interested in bringing value in a board capacity, but who don’t know how to secure such a role. Moreover, we speak with investors and executives who are frustrated by the lack of choice they have when seeking appropriate Independent Directors for their Boards of Directors.

Given that we have an extensive, industry focused network linking both groups, Arris Partners has initiated a FREE Non-Executive Director service.

Potential use cases for an exceptional Non-Executive Director (NED)
to serve on your board:

  • You seek overall diversification of expertise and/or risk mitigation.
  • Your company may be evaluating public markets and / or an IPO window and you need to add an Independent Director or Audit Committee Financial Expert.
  • You work for a private investment firm (i.e. Venture Capital, Private Equity), are stretched thin by existing board responsibilities and seek surrogate representation or are considering the implications of potential trading restrictions around liquidity.
  • You have identified potential nominees who would make a strong director but seek a more robust slate of qualified professionals against whom to validate.

Please contact Arris Partners as follows:
–> Contact Brian McMerty: 919-424-1592
or email


Details for Boards Seeking NED’s: 
For any Investor or executive seeking an exceptional Non-Executive Director to serve on a Board we will, without charge, perform the following:

  • Post the Board opportunity on our web site
  • Present the Board opportunity to our LinkedIn network of thousands of industry contact
  • Email the Board opportunity to our proprietary database of thousands of experienced senior industry executives, both those currently holding NED positions and those with the background, skill sets and personal characteristics to be valuable in such a role

Any applications we receive from interested executives will be forwarded to you for qualification against your needs. Should your capacity to manage the recruitment process benefit from additional support, Arris Partners can provide selection services including candidate management, behavior profiling, interviewing, reference and/or background checking on an hourly or flat fee basis if such support is required.


Applicants Seeking a NED Board Position:
For Senior Executives considering a Non-Executive Director role please apply HERE.