Material Sciences & Engineering

Our world is evolving more rapidly with each passing day.  A significant factor driving these rapid advancements is the discovery and design of new materials through the field of Materials Science and Engineering.


Materials Science and Engineering is all about raw materials and how they are processed, and investigating the relationships that exist between the structures and properties of materials. That is why we call it materials ENGINEERING. Minor differences in raw materials or processing parameters can mean major changes in the performance of the final material or products. Materials Science and Engineering enables leading-edge manufacturing technologies and products, such as touch screen displays, PV/ solar cells, 3D printing, and wearable technologies.

The Arris Partners team understands the processes involved in Materials Science and Engineering and the materials paradigm:

  • Synthesis
  • Structure
  • Properties
  • Processing and Testing
  • Performance

Our practice leaders know how these industry trends shape the innovation as well as the challenges.  We also understand the trends that drive the growth.  Our team uses cutting edge technology and procedures to identify the most highly-qualified talent in the Materials Science and Engineering realm, and we form strong personal and professional relationships with them. The result is that, in concert with our client partners, we build strong leadership teams in some of the most successful Materials Science and Engineering companies worldwide to lead and drive success.

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Practice Leader

Brian McMerty, MBA

Managing Partner


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Ceferino (Cef) Gonzalez

Practice Leader


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Mark Weldon

Practice Manager



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